I turned 50 today. It really has not hit me yet. I think I’m in denial. I just don’t feel 50. I know I’m
gonna hear “half century old” today and other pokes from my “friends”, but I just don”t believe
I’m here. It’s the truth though. My mom called me this morning and told me the story of my birth
fifty years ago today. She said she cried that night. My first thought was, “thanks a lot.”, but she
cried because she felt so unworthy of God blessing her with a child.

So, it did happen fifty years ago and I am fifty years old. I’m not in denial of the changes in my
body as being proof. That started happening when I turned 40, almost on the very day. What
happened? I couldn’t read anything anymore, at least not up close. So I ordered glasses and a
super duper giant print Bible.

Now almost to the very day I turn 50, I notice my hair right in the middle of my head showing
through to my skull in places. What? Whats happening here? This is not fair at all.
I am starting to forget things too a bit, for example people’s names that I am supposed to know.
So I call them Brother or Sister and I’m off the hook. An older sister in my church sent me a card
today that said “at your age it’s important to remember one thing. And if you can remember two
things, your way ahead of the rest of us.” Funny!

So I know all the signs and date is evidence of it, but I don’t feel fifty. After I thought about this, I
decided it’s because of my heart. There is something in a deep experience with the Lord that
keeps renewing your mind and heart. I still have such a huge craving to learn more of Christ,
that is just as strong as it was when I received the Holy Ghost 34 years ago. I’m like a kid with
candy when revelation is being poured out from God by the preaching of the Word. I love it. It is
the joy and rejoicing of my heart. (Jer. 15:16)

I have never regretted giving my heart to the Lord. I have never regretted believing and trusting
the servants He sends, especially for the last days. As I look over my life today, I can testify that
there is still a childlike wonder in my heart toward God even though I’ve been fifty years on this
earth. I pray that my heart will always stay this way. I give God glory for all the sermons and
songs and whatever else He used me for in the past years, but I’m more excited about what’s
ahead. The future is so bright, I have to wear sunglasses, (prescription of course)
Only Christ can offer a life like this.

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes from everyone. And to the “half century” people, I’m
really only 5% of a millennium. Ha!

God Bless You all.

Bro. Paul LaFontaine.