George Bailey with Sheri LaFontaine

May 17, 2016

My eyes are almost too swollen from tears to type. First, tears of sadness, then Joy.

I was at work today about 3:00pm when, George Bailey, my little Shih-tzu dog got out of the fence and went to visit our neighbor’s horses. He was kicked, which broke his back leg and wounded his side badly. Another neighbor heard his loud crying of pain and let my sister know. Sharon went out in the field and carried home a filthy limp little dog. She texted me and as soon as I got it, I was on my way.
I took him to the Vet and had to wait a while in the waiting room. I fought tears as I explained the story to the lady with the two Siamese cats and the man with the funny-looking black Pug who had just had cataract surgery. “Well, what beautiful new eyes you have,” I said to the little dog, trying to lighten the sad mood I was in.

Finally, it was our turn to see the Dr and after we saw the X-Rays, the verdict was definitely surgery. He had been kicked and his bone on his right back leg was broken right in half. It was a miracle that he was still alive. People don’t survive being kicked by a horse, let alone a little lap dog.
The bill for today would be $200 for the office visit and the surgery would be at least $1200.
My heart was broken as I realized even if I took all the money I had in the bank for bills this month, it wouldn’t be enough the save my dog. I loved on him in the exam room, knowing good and well, I would probably be saying good-bye today. He was in so much pain and I just wanted him to be at peace.
The nurse then came into the room with the news that my $200 office visit for today had been covered by the people with the cats in the next room over.

I began to cry again and thanked God as I kissed my little, limp Bailey boy. He kissed me back and I cried some more.

The Dr then came in to say, for the surgery to take place tomorrow they would need $500 down tonight and George would need to stay there over night. I began to think of ways to make it work and was too emotional to think clearly. I mentioned taking him home, but in my heart I knew he was in too much pain to last the night. The door to the exam room was now open to the lobby and our conversation must have carried. The man with the big-eyed pug saw my tears and came over to where we were standing. He said, “What if I cover that cost for you tonight, he can stay here and get the help he needs”. I asked how I could ever thank him and he just said, “I want visiting rights” and winked. I gave him the biggest hug and thanked him so much. I would have one night to somehow come up with the remaining $700. This thing I knew, George Bailey was meant to stick around.

I went to my car and cried and prayed as I listened to a message called, Jehovah Jireh. It began to raise my faith, I prayed, “Lord, you are able to heal him over night. You are also able to provide the the rest of the money for this surgery. I surrender to Your will.”
Then my hero pulled in…my daddy. He didn’t have the money to loan me but he was my strength, like he had been so many times before.
We looked at my budget and looked for ways to pay the remaining balance due and decided that we needed to go back in and talk to the Dr about payment.
The office had closed. All the lights were off, but Dad’s forceful knock brought the Dr to open the back door and let us in.

I said, “Now what exactly will be the remaining balance, sir?”. To which he replied, “Nothing. It’s all been taken care of. Mr.____ paid the entire remaining balance, “.
Dad and I both began to cry. The Dr offered to let Dad see George Bailey. When he saw Grandpa, he stood up and drug his little leg over to us. His little head crocked to one side and he stuck out his tongue out as if to say, “Thanks for coming to see me, guys!”

Just a few steps out the door and we bowed our heads to thank God.

When we got to the house Dad told me that about 3:00 today mom heard what she thought was a crying animal and had Dad check outside for it. Dad couldn’t hear it and just let it rest. Now my parents live 15 mins away, but at the same time of day that Gorge was crying out in the field, Grandma was hearing him across town.

After OperationMay 18,2016 Update on George: He went through the surgery well and he is resting. The Dr said he can come home this evening if I promise to treat him with care and give him his pain meds on time. Thank you for your prayers.

May 19, 2016 Pleased to report, George Bailey: One day after surgery has already drank a little water, walked out of his cage dragging his little leg and went potty in the grass. He sat up for me too. I think it pays to have people all over the world praying for you.

May 23, 2016
Update on George Bailey: He is enjoying a restful recovery at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. He’s walking a little more every day and he just George Bailey resting after operationate some of his food for the first time since the surgery. The Vet said that he would never be able to run like he used to, but I believe all things are possible. He cares so much for us.To God be the glory!

A special thank you to Dr.Taylor and the amazing team at Lambertville Veterinary Clinic. You are greatly appreciated. And to the good Samaritans who gave unconditionally…I thank God for you. It was truly divine appointment. Your reward is great on the other side.