Making a CD

What’s your budget?

In order to help craft the best plan for your recording you need to decide on a budget. I will help you customize a fully produced package.

  • The minimum budget is $2500 which includes:
    • Rhythm section tracking for 10 songs
    • Vocals (10 Hours)
    • Mix and Master
    • 100 CDs (2 panel full color inserts, black printing on disc, shrink wrapped in jewel cases)

Pick Your Songs

If you are a songwriter, you can pick 10 originals or a combination which would include other people’s songs (covers). (Recording “covers” adds a small royalty cost) If you are not a songwriter but would like to record original songs I can put you in touch with several great songwriters that would love to submit their songs to you for consideration.

Project Demo

Once you have finalized the list of songs that will be on the CD I will need to work with you (usually over the phone or on Skype) on the song arrangements. (ie. What key is best for your voice, order of the song, key changes, etc.) I will help you make a demo recording to be used by the musicians as a reference during the tracking session.

Tracking Session

The rhythm section is the basic foundation for recording a song and usually consists of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. A song usually takes about an hour and a half to fully produce and record with studio musicians.

Extras and Add On’s

Want more than a rhythm section on any of your songs? Would you possibly want say, a cello, flute, penny whistle, strings, or brass? I have access to amazing musicians who play every instrument imaginable and have terabytes of virtual and sampled Instrument as well. After we complete the demo stage we will talk about what we can add as long as it fits within your budget.

Will you be wanting background vocals (BGVs) on any of your songs? I have access to great background voices. They are fast and creative. Background vocals can really take a song to the next level.

Mix & Master

Mixing and Mastering can make or break a recording. It is a tedious, technical process of balancing levels and frequencies to present the songs in the most pleasant and consistent way. After the Mix & Master stage the project sent off to be replicated. You should receive your new CDs within a couple of weeks.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  1. I will need your deposit before booking any of your sessions. (Generally, the deposit is 3⁄4 of the total budget)
  2. If you live in a different country or far away and are not able to travel here, I can arrange for your vocals to be recorded in a studio near you and sent here for extras, mix and master. (The cost of the other studio and engineer must be available in the budget.)
  3. Although you are here for a couple of days and the recording happens very quickly, the finish product usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to reach you. So be patient and arrange a release/listening party with your friends and family.
  4. If you have already recorded tracks at another studio that you are not happy with, you can send them to me for a remix. Mix time in the studio is billed at $65 per hour.
  5. Live recordings are also a great option but can be expensive. The most basic live recording package starts at $5000 plus expenses.
  6. Scheduling is based on my availability and the availability of the musicians that I pick to work on your CD.

Are you ready? Call the Foundation line at  (419) 381-7640 and leave a message.