Beautiful Day


We are so thrilled at the testimonies we are already hearing about how these songs are ministering to the hearts of the Bride of Christ!

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Beautiful Day

We are so blessed to hear the testimonies of how these songs are ministering to the hearts of people all over the world! Many hours and days of labor went into the writing, arranging and recording these songs, to be able to offer the very best quality and sound. Featuring a variety of family vocals including Paul, Bekah, Ike, Amanda, Sheri, Henry and Sharon, this project also features Wesley VanWyk on Burning the Midnight Oil and we are joined by our church family and friends on a few of the choir songs. One of the most memorable songs of this project is We Are The Generation where we are joined by some of our favorite singing groups: The Tidwells (from Murfreesboro, Tennessee), The Cockmans (from Hickory, North Carolina), The Byskals (from VanCouver, British Columbia), Lynual Younce (from Johnson City, Tennessee) and Isiah Brooks (from DeMoins, Iowa)

Song List

1. What A Beautiful Day
2. Babylon
3. Working On Her Testimony
4. The Lion Hath Prevailed
5. Come And Dine
6. Burning The Midnight Oil
7. We Are The Generation
8. Matters In His Own Hands
9. His Trials Made Him Strong
10. When He Parts The Red Sea
11. If I Don’t Draw From the Fountian
12. It’s All Comin’ Back To Me Now
13. You Always Answer Me
14. Take Me Home

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