Born to Serve the Lord


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Mom and Pop LaFontaine take a musical trip down memory lane. Recorded shortly after their 40th wedding anniversary, this CD includes some of the very first songs John and Loretta LaFontaine sang together. They are joined briefly by some of the kids and grand kids who lend background harmonies, but for the most part it is that nostalgic 1940’s duet with mom playing the gospel style piano. You will be bless by these classics from the early years.

1. Born to Serve the Lord
2. If Jesus Said It
3. Oh I Need Jesus
4. Is My Lord Satisfied With Me
5. You’re Still My Sweetheart
6. Never Loved Him Better
7. If You Believe
8. Lovest Thou Me
9. I Won’t Turn Back No More
10.If the Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side
11.Heavenly Love
12.I Cannot Fail the Lord

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