Early Years Volume II


The Early Years CD's include 2 recordings for a total of 20 songs on each CD.

This CD features two of our older projects from the 1980s. Sharon's solo project, “I'm Not of This World” was recorded when she was only 14 years old. Seven of the ten songs on this project were some of the very first songs written by her older brother, Paul LaFontaine when he was delivering papers as a side job in grade 8. The second CD featured is titled “This Day”. Nine of the ten songs are written by Paul LaFontaine who by this time had taken on songwriting as a ministry and a way to bless the Bride of Christ. Each song includes a powerful message with strong Biblical truth. This project quickly traveled around the world and produced hundreds of testimonies. This recording became the benchmark of the LaFontaine Family's diversity of style and quality of the lyrics.


All Praise To Him
I Wanna Go
Break Through The Chains
The Day I Gave My Life To Him
I'm Not of This World
I Call Him Lord
Home Where I Belong
Fill Me
The Day He Wore My Crown
Are You Ready


This World is Falling Apart
There He Is
Head To the Heart
I Was In His Mind
Let Your Word Be Born
This Day
I Am
Eagle Scream
Caught Up Together
Tis So Sweet


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