Next Generation


It's finally here, and we are so thrilled at the testimonies we are already hearing about how these songs are ministering to the hearts of children, everywhere!

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This very special project is a compilation of original and non-original LaFontaine songs performed by the LaFontaine grandchildren!!! This project is great for the entire family and a wonderful outreach gift to the children in your life! Each LaFontaine grandchild (except Stevie who was born just after they recorded) sings individually, and there is even a surprise visit from Grandma & Grandpa! Produced by Aunt Sheri LaFontaine, and engineered by Uncle Ike, this project has an incredible variety of fun songs that really speak the gospel. You will not want to miss this one.

Song List

1. I Wanna Be a Blessing Too
2. Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover
3. I’ve Got the Joy
4. Oh Thomas
5. Mind Made Up
6. Let Me Be Your Friend
7. Is There a Cross in Your Way
8. That’s Where I’m Goin’
9. Little By Little
10. Runaway Balloon

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