Lord Draw Me Nearer: by Henry VanWyk

It was September of 1987, and I was the proud new owner of a small duplex home in the little town of Petrolia, Ontario. I had purchased a couch, coffee table and chairs and had moved in, excited about starting a life of my own, in my very own home.
I spent my first night sleeping on the couch, alone in my new home with a sense of pride and accomplishment. A few weeks later the excitement and pride wore off and I began to feel the loneliness that surrounded me.
One night while laying on my couch talking to God, I began to share my feeling of loneliness with Him and the prayer took on the words penned in this song.

At times I feel alone, living on my own. And peace of mind is very hard to find.
But when I call on you, a friend who’s always true.
You comfort me and leave my cares behind.

Lord draw me nearer, to your side
In your presence may I humbly hide. And grant me strength to face the coming day.
In all your grace, just yield me to your way.
And draw me close to thee.

At times I’ve been deceived, I could feel His spirit leave.
And I’d fall down on my knees to God and pray.
Lord lift me out from sin. Let your spirit reign within. But most of all just draw me close to thee.Lord Draw Me Nearer